Diamond Files Manufacturer

Diamond Needle Files With Plastics Dipping Handle

Swiss pattern
Coated with diamond, suitable for precise finish work, often used by engineers and mold makers, especially for super hard materials
Has plastic handle
10pcs/set with different shapes

Article No. Length PCS/CTN
0522-140-1 ɸ 3x140x5PCS 5PCS
0522-160-1 ɸ 3x160x5PCS
0522-180-1 ɸ 3x180x5PCS
0523-140-1 ɸ 3x140x6PCS 6PCS
0523-160-1 ɸ 3x160x6PCS
0523-180-1 ɸ 3x180x6PCS
0524-140-1 ɸ 3x140x10PCS 10PCS
0524-160-1 ɸ 3x160x10PCS
0524-180-1 ɸ 3x180x10PCS